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Bottoms. They come in all shapes and sizes: smart, casual, full length, cropped, denim, ponte... Whatever the style of plus size pants you’re looking for, we’ll have what you need in a size that will fit and flatter your curves. 

Plus size casual pants are a speciality of ours. Plus size printed pants, plus size leggings, plus size cargo pants and, of course, plus size jeans. And what’s more, you’ll be able to complete the look with a plus size top to match.

We’re pretty good at producing plus size smart pants as well. We could go on to tell you about our fantastic plus size workwear pants but we’ll let our amazing customers do that job for us:

I just love these trousers. They are comfortable, wash and wear well, hold their shape.

I love these pants. I now own 4 pairs of them! 

Best fitting pants ever!!!

Look so flattering on. Amazingly comfortable. Long lasting
(I wear 5 days a week and 1 pair lasts over 6 months) 

When it comes to pant lengths, you'll find exactly what you need at beme. We've got plus size cropped pants, plus size ankle length pants and plus size full length pants. And keep an eye out for our amazingly comfortable tie hem pants. We bring them out each season in new prints and colours and they fly out the door!
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